Monday — June 21, 2021

6 Things We Can Do to Support our 2SLGBTQ Relatives

by: Samantha Thornsberry

1—Educate yourself. Learn about the 2S LGBTQ culture, the history, and activism efforts through the years. There are so many resources online, books, articles, movies, documentaries, and the list goes on…It is up to us to learn so that we can become better allies!

2—Be inclusive. When we limit our environment, we are missing out on meeting people who will enrich our lives. Also, some of our 2SLGBTQ friends are often forced to live while not being able to be their true self, which can be lonely and depressing. Reach out, be accepting!

3—Do not stereotype. Generalizing any group of people based on groupthink, sensationalized media, or extremely narrowed viewpoints will lessen your understanding and acceptance, not to mention hurt others. So, just don’t do it!

4—Speak up. When you hear someone being discriminatory, say something. Try to share some knowledge and education with others. The time for being silent is over, as too many are suffering from a lack of equity and equality. Let us work together instead of in opposition!

5—Offer to educate family and friends. Yes, this is sometimes hard, but swallow your anger and have a conversation. Then have it again, and again, and again. We must start talking more and arguing less!

6—Attend community events. Be a true ally. Engage with your 2SLGBTQ relatives and attend community events such as Pride parades, or other celebrations that support safe spaces and unity!

Here’s a local resource, check it out: HOME (