Thursday — June 03, 2021

New to the Team: Dobby!

by: Samantha Thornsberry

Cahuilla Consortium’s new K-9 Advocate-In-Training: Meet Dobby!

The CCVAP has a new member to the team, his name is Dobby and he is a black and tan, Dachshund. He is 7-months old and has been coming into the CCVAP Office each day with his mom, Samantha Thornsberry, Program Director. Dobby is most certainly a friendly pup, who sometimes gets a little too excited to see people. Usually, a bark or two, then a bunch of wiggles, and finally, a sniff and lots of scratches and pats down his “looooong” back from whoever Dobby is greeting. Though he is still learning how to behave in the office, his job will be to give lots of snuggles and kisses to those who come into our office and need a bit of emotional therapy! As many of us know, animals have such a loving capacity to bring care to those that they sense might need it. Dobby is not a service animal, he is becoming an emotional support animal, with the sole purpose of allowing others to pet him, to laugh at his puppy antics, to share snuggles and kisses, and to just enjoy his comfort. As many of us know, positive interaction with an animal can be beneficial, as it can have a calming and relaxing affect, thereby lowering anxiety. Studies have shown that holding or stroking an animal can help to normalize the heart rate and blood pressure, reduce pain, reduce stress, and reduce depression and increase pleasure (Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling, 2012).

So, if you are in our neighborhood, swing by the CCVAP office and meet Dobby! He is ready to take appointments! 😊

(Yes, for you Harry Potter fans, his name was taken from “Dobby” the House Elf, who Harry freed by giving him a sock. Ironically, our Dobby loves to chew on socks!)