Partner Highlight - One Safe Place

December 08, 2023 | by: Cesar J Segura
Partner Highlight - One Safe Place

This week, our featured partner of the week is one we have previously highlighted in a previous edition of our quarterly newsletter, One Safe Place (OSP). Recently celebrating a year of operation, One Safe Place has successfully served the Northern Part of San Diego County as their Family Justice Center. Throughout their operation, One Safe Place has sought to serve the North County as a one stop shop for survivors of crime. The overall goal of the center is to have all the services a survivor may need met under one roof. With nearly 100 service partners that help provide wrap around services, One Safe Place has been a help to over 3,500 survivors since getting their start in 2022.

One Safe Place can provide a multitude of services including restraining order assistance, child advocacy, forensic medical exams and interviews, housing assistance, and pet assistance. Likewise, OSP also hosts a variety of aftercare courses such as cooking classes, clothing assistance for court appearances and job interviews, as well as grooming stations for survivors to have their hair done. These services are successful with nearly 50% of all guests returning for additional services provided by the center. The services at OSP have been a hit within the community, so much so, they have been featured on many local news broadcasts. Another important collaboration at One Safe Place is utilizing security, protocols, and police responses to ensure the safety of guests to the center.

Located at 1050 Los Vallecitos Blvd., San Marcos, CA 92069, One Safe Place is a great partner of the Cahuilla Consortium Victim Advocacy Program. If you are interested in volunteering, receiving services, or your organization becoming a partner of One Safe Place, visit their website at:

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