Partner Highlight - Partners Against Violence

November 24, 2023 | by: Cesar J Segura
Partner Highlight - Partners Against Violence

Continuing with our series of highlighting the various other service providers in our region, we will be highlighting Partners Against Violence (PAV). Advocating for survivors for over 50 years, Partners Against Violence began as one of the earliest grass roots rape crisis centers in the state. Throughout this time, PAV has been providing support and advocacy to survivors of sexual trauma in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

With a mission for “Partnering to build healthy relationships, families, communities, and generations that are free from violence,” Partners Against Violence has many services that they offer to victims of crime throughout the counties they serve. These services include crisis response, medical accompaniment to sexual assault examinations, therapy services, community education, professional training, and awareness building. With dozens of community partners and volunteers spread across both Riverside and San Bernardino counties, Partners Against Violence has assisted many survivors across their 50 years of operation. To learn more about their services or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, visit:

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