Partner Highlight - SAFE FJC

November 10, 2023 | by: Cesar Segura
Partner Highlight - SAFE FJC

For our blog this week, we are beginning a bit of a series in which we highlight community partners who are also dedicated to helping survivors of crime. Often when someone has been victimized, it can seem like there is no help or no way out. Therefore, we hope highlighting the many resources available to survivors can lend our readers some reassurance that there is help should they know anyone who is a survivor of a crime.

This week, we are highlighting the SAFE Family Justice Center of Riverside County. The SAFE Family Justice Center (to be referenced as SAFE moving forward) has been in Riverside County since 1998. Their first office was located in Temecula, California. However, they now have multiple offices throughout the county including in the Coachella Valley. Originally, the program was just a domestic violence service provider covering the Temecula region. In 2005, SAFE expanded via a partnership with other community organizations and the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office to become the regions multi-disciplinary Family Justice Center. Now, the SAFE Family Justice Center operates its offices to be a “one stop shop” for survivors needs.

SAFE provides its clients a multitude of services include crisis intervention, emergency relocation, safety planning, domestic violence education courses, and therapy.Moreover, SAFE provides many direct services to youth including the PAL (Police Activity League). These programs are designed to foster leadership for youth, peer support, and engage youth in various activities. Overall, the Cahuilla Consortium is grateful for the leadership and partnership that the SAFE Family Justice Center provides for survivors in our region. We look forward to continued partnership with SAFE!

SAFE Family Justice Center Mission - “SAFE Family Justice Centers mission is to provide comprehensive services that help protect families, seek justice, and promote SAFE futures for children, youth, and families who have been affected by violence.”

SAFE Family Justice Center -

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