Friday — December 31, 2021

Welcome 2022!

by: Cesar J Segura

As we close out 2021, many celebrations will take place this upcoming weekend. Everyone brings in the New Year in different ways; Some of us stay cuddled up on the couch watching the ball drop, others take to the dance floor to dance the night away, while others spend the night surrounded by family. No matter how you celebrate, your safety should be your top priority this weekend. Let’s go over a few tips to ensure we all have a safe and healthy start to the New Year.

Have a back up plan. Having a plan for a night may seem like second nature. However, it is ever important to have a back up plan during your New Year’s celebration. This can mean planning an alternative way of getting home, packing extra clothes just in case you need to spend the night at a friend’s place, or even as simple as having a bit of extra cash on hand.

Keep your drink Attended. Being drugged during a night out is sadly a possibility, even during holiday celebrations. Be sure to keep your drink always attended.

Look out for each other. If you are going out or spending time in a group setting, be sure to keep each other’s safety in mind. This can be as simple as confirming your friends have a safe ride home. It is our responsibility to keep our community safe.

DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. This statement has been muttered countless times, however, drinking and driving remains a big issue in our society. According to Tork Law, 62% of auto deaths on New Year’s Eve are caused by drunk drivers. This is more than double the amount of any other given day. If you do plan on drinking, please plan ahead with either another way home or a place to spend the night.

Check in with yourself. Be sure to do check-ins with yourself through out your celebration. Ensure you know your limits and STICK TO THEM! Peer pressure is often increased in social settings; however, a celebration does not mean you need to do anything you do not feel comfortable with.

Lastly, trust your instincts. If you do feel uncomfortable with a person, situation, or venue, trust yourself. Be sure to trust your gut and respond as you feel necessary. This can be removing yourself from a situation or if the situation warrants, calling the police.

The new year is a symbol for a new beginning and a celebration of the past. Though we may not be celebrating together, we can all do our part to ensure not only our own safety, but the safety of our community. As we conclude 2021, the CCVAP Team wishes you a safe, happy, and healthy start to the New Year.